.When I spoke at the Genocide Awareness Conference, which was hosted by Colorado Coalition for Genocide Awarness & Action, I made a lot of contacts and learned a lot of new information. One speaker focused on something he called the "Triple A's"
  • Awarness  We need to pay attention to what is going                                        on outside our own backyard.
  • Action         We can't just sit and watch it happen.
  • Advocacy  We all need to be proactive. No one                                                                   deserves to live like this.

It's my mission to focus on all three when working for Give Hope A Chance. I will strive to raise awarness, take action and be an advocate for the people. After attending the conference, it was brought to my attention how vital resources are in Sudan. Since the division between North Sudan and the Republic of South Sudan, there has been a lot of violence over oil (one of Sudan's main exports.) Water, food and oil is scarce. The government and militias use resources as a weapon against tribes like the Fur and Kush. World Food trucks aren't allowed in parts of Sudan to ensure that tribes aren't receiving the nutrition they need.
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Genocide Awareness Conference
February 12, 2012

Click arrow to view video of our First Fundraiser 2010.
All proceeds went to Every Child's Ministries for Medical care, food and medical aid.
Thank You RHE Student Council for the more than generous donation! You have helped many.
Bless all of you!
Below is a video I recorded for the 2nd fundraiser in 2012.  Basically explaining why we need to do this.

This is Jonny 5 from the awesome band
The Flobots talking about our  fundraiser. .