Girl's Dormitories
I have been trying to work out in my mind where I want to center my attention to continue to help the children in Uganda. Where it will make a big difference to last a lifetime. Not just one or two fundraiser's. So I am continuing to help these children get an education , so they can make a difference in their lives and their country , I have decided to join with Pastor Ogema with Victory Outreach Ministries in Lira, Uganda. It is important to offer consistency in our giving, so that children and families, who have nothing, may depend on you and me as prayer warriors and  financial boosters to their educational lives. And I have learned that I must be patient, because working with such a poor country as Uganda, is not like working with American standards. African problems need to be solved with African solutions.
Schools aren't as we picture them, but they are handmade brick  (yes they make their own bricks!) shelters that house the students so they may learn! The dormitories are open rooms with dirt floors. Children stack their beds three high sometimes, and cover their cots with a blanket, just to have some privacy. There is no indoor plumbing. Some of the other dormitories have a small blanket just laid on the floor, with children crammed right next to one another, covering the entire area of the room.
I have learned that I am still able to help children with their education by providing funds to improve their dormitories and to continue to help with school improvements, school supplies and even helping with building schools in the war torn regions of Northern Uganda! So as my path is continued to be directed toward education, I hope you will continue to travel with me on this road to helping children in Uganda, East Africa.
I am posting pictures that I have received from friends that just returned from Lira, Uganda and some of the school and students who attend there.
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