HI!  My name is Haidyn and I am a sophomore in high school. I live in Colorado and my passion is helping the unfortunate in Africa. Specifically Sudan and Uganda. Follow me to help the forgotten children in Africa.  Follow me to learn the  extreme needs of children in a war torn nation.  Let’s make a difference in their lives and futures.  All we need is determination. Follow me to meet people in need, living in the same world as you and II believe everybody deserves a chance, something these people have never been given.  I am so blessed. I am able to pursue my passions like riding horses, acting, writing and helping others. I have a vision for who I want to be and a vision for my future.  Imagine no vision....  Imagine no hope.....

You can give back too by donating to Give Hope A Chance on the HOME

In the past the money we raise has gone towards things like mosquito nets, medicine, food, clothing and helping with tuition so that children can go to school.  They don't have public or free education.  It is paid for or they do NOT get an education. In order to help themselves an education is crucial! NOW we are going to build a dormitory  in Lira, Uganda! I am so excited about this!

I am very excited to be part of a new journey to give Hope to the hard working families struggling each day to simply survive. A family can be considered a mother with her children and the friend with an additional 5 children living in an 8x10 room all together. This is not unusual. They work hard for $1.00 or so a day. We don’t know what hard work is in comparison to these beautiful people.

I am a strong believer in giving back and I think it's important that we all do it. Our youth is the future and it's never to early to start making a difference.

If you are able to help I have several ways on my web site. If you just donate to "GIVE HOPE A CHANCE" I will make sure the kids reap the benefits of your kindness.



This is me on CSPAN in 2008. I was so young. I am talking about the issue important to me.